About Us

Our Mission

  • Carry the saving and healing message of Jesus Christ to the lost world
  • Build up, train, and strengthen believers to carry the saving message for the lost
  • Maximize technology, people and resources God has provided for the spreading of the Gospel 
  • Build  a mighty, active army of trained believers for the purpose of  overtaking darkness and spreading the light of the Gospel of Christ
  • Establish  a prayer covering over the entire earth with strategically located  prayer centers and continual   prayer for the nations
  • Our mission is to become a light and witness of the Gospel to every creature by declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord and savior
  • We  seek to make a difference through spiritual, educational, clinical care  and other humanitarian assistance whereby fallen man can return to God 
  • In all we do and say and in every action of our ministry, we want to bring honor and glory to God .

Evangelists Yohannes Belete

Evangelists  Yohannes Belete

Evangelists Christiana Greene

Evangelest Christiana Greene

One Touch of Christ Leadership


Chairman: Evangelist Yohannes Belete

Co-Chairman: Evangelist Christiana Greene

Secretary General: Glenna Chukuma-Harding

Board of Directors

Pastor Hailu Mesfin

Apostle Dennis Gibson

Pastor Delores Gibson

Samuel Morgamo